Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Autumn Joy

I LOVE Autumn! It is the most beautiful time of year! I love the cool, crisp, fresh air under a perfect blue sky and full sun... I love the yellow, orange and red leaves on the trees... and I love the way life feels like it is slowing down just a little as we ready ourselves to nest and hibernate in our toasty homes for the winter.

This song, in fact the whole album ('The Eraser' - Thom Yorke), is the perfect soundtrack to my autumn weekends. I love to play this album in the car as I drive out to a nice cafe for a lazy breakfast with my love. One cafe I love to go to, but unfortunately haven't been to for a while, is Kanteen in South Yarra. Situated along the Yarra River and busy Yarra Trail it is a delicious little treat to have.



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