Monday, February 28, 2011


 A few months ago I decided to personalise some of the artwork in our house with silhouettes of Dr. Zap and I. Most of the artwork is either drawn, painted or cut out by me so they are already "personal", but I wanted something special of us. We don't really have many photos up of ourselves or our family so these act as photos in a way.

Here they are...

To make the silhouettes I took side-profile photos of myself then Dr. Zap on my iPhone. I made sure the photo was taken against a plain white background so the edges would be clearly visible. Then I uploaded the photos to my computer and printed them in black and white. I drew around the heads onto baking paper (el cheapo equivalent to tracing paper) then took the silhouette drawings to Officeworks to enlarge the images on the photocopier. I had premeasured the size of the silhouettes I had waited to fit inside the frame and made sure as I was enlarging the images, both our heads would be about the same size. Once I had the right sizes I took them home and cut out the heads. I traced around them onto the pink card and cut them out. I used card to make sure the heads would not curl at the edges or warp once framed.
The heads were then mounted onto the backing paper with raised foam dots to give them a little 3D effect... Hey PRESTO!
P.S. Sorry for the dodgy photography, the Hipstamatic just would not take the right angle.

Friday, February 25, 2011

A dreary day

Cat Power 'The Greatest'

Just a lovely song for today... a slow, grey, cruisy day. I feel the need for a vegetable, lentil soup and warm crusty bread = heaven!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day Dinner

Last Monday it was Valentine's day and I was working in the morning. One of the girls at work got one dozen red roses from her sweetheart delivered to her at work... so sweet. I called Dr Zap on my way home to ask him what he wanted me to cook for dinner. He said, "Don't worry honey, I've booked somewhere for dinner." Ah how lovely... no cooking. So I got home and started to get dressed for dinner. I thought I looked nice, but Dr Zap said, "Can you put on something a little dressier?" I thought, "Oh lordy! Where are we going?" He would not let on where our dinner destination was going to be, so I put on my only maternity dress I have, a pair of silver sandals with a bit of bling on the toe, flamingo pink nail polish and pretty jewellery. I was thinking we might be going to Collins Kitchen for dinner. It is one of our favourite 'fancy dinner' restaurants and it had been a while since we've been. However, we parked the car in the city and began walking past the front of a VERY FANCY restaurant and Dr Zap steared me inside, "We're going in here tonight." Ohmigawsh! We were here:
The Press Club on Flinders Street in Melbourne = AMAZING!

It was absolutely beautiful! They had a special pre-set menu for the evening that they tweeked to our individual dietary requirements, e.g. Dr Zap had oysters for the first course and I had a preggers-safe, no-raw-fish meal of red pepper, cucumber & kalamata olive delight. WOW! I think all Dr Zap and I could do all night was drool and drool! Every bite of our meal was to float to another level higher into heaven!

We ate five delicious courses each perfectly paired with a different glass of wine. Every mouthful was savoured as if we would never taste food again. The dessert was definately our favourite. The 'Aphrodite' dish... I have no words... yep, no words.

Everything about the evening was perfect! Dr Zap definately scored himself big brownie points that night! I can't believe I'm so lucky!
If ever you get the chance, you must go to The Press Club! It is worth all the hype!

Happy Valentine's Day

Ooooh so I know you've been itching to see what my favourite love song of all time is and here it is...

'You Looked So Good' - Clare Bowditch
Ok so the reason why this is my favourite love song? Well it's pretty simple really. You see I was listening to Clare Bowditch's album 'The Moon Looked On' quite obsessively around the time Doctor Zap and I began dating over three years ago. The lyrics in this song quite rightly described how I felt at the time... Enjoy!

P.S. Sorry this post is so late. I have more to add about what Dr Zap did on Valentine's day next... He is the best husband ever!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

One day till Valentine's Day

Yay! so excited about Valentine's day coming up! Only one more sleep!

Here's another romantic love song for you to enjoy...

'Forever' - Ben Harper

This song was playing as I walked down the aisle towards my darling Doctor Zap over one year ago. We both promised to give our 'forevers' to each other that day... it was the most incredibly amazing day of our lives and every day since has been even more than wonderful!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Two days till Valentine's Day

'The Luckiest' - Ben Folds
This is the sweetest love song I know... Ahhh {swoon}

Two more songs to go till I reveal the one big one! My most favourite love song... EVER! Let me warn you though, you will find it an odd choice, but my choice will be justified for sure then you will go, "Ah how lovely". Just you wait!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Little wooden village

My Mum found a few pieces of timber a few months ago with the idea of cutting them down and making them into little houses for her Kinder kids to play with. Dad cut them to size and then it was over to me to make them to look like houses and buildings. After sanding and priming them, I painted all the sides different bright colours with windows and doors. I prettied them up a bit by adding flowers in window boxes, names to shops, ivy leaves creaping up the sides of buildings and brick details. After several layers of acrylic paint and even more layers of varnish to seal them, the village is finally complete and open for business!

Each of the buidlings have a different colour and style on each side. The church building has two different stained glass designs and two gold bells, the town clock has four different clock styles and there are several shops and businesses hidden on the sides: florist, hospital, jewellery shop, shoe shop, bank, grocer...

I hope the kiddies like them!

Three days till Valentine's Day

'Glory Box' - Portishead

Another love song... this one is a little schmoozy...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Four days till Valentine's Day

'Do You Realize' - The Flaming Lips

Ok so you may have noticed I'm counting down till Valentine's Day with great love songs that I quite love.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Five days till Valentine's Day

'My Love' - Sia

Ahhh... can you feel the love? Valentine's day should not be the one and only day of the year that you tell that special person in your life how much you love them, it should be an everyday thing. An all the time thing. Every moment of their life, that special someone should be going around their life with the 100% secure knowledge you love them. And love them unconditionally. Valentine's day is just an excuse to say it with chocolates and flowers!

What are you going to do for your special Valentine?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bird mobile

...the six I have sewn so far...

I found a pattern for these gorgeous birds a few weeks ago and thought they would make for the perfect mobile in Baby Cuddles' nursery. The pattern is SO EASY to follow and considering I haven't done any sewing in a long, long time, I thought mine turned out quite well. The pattern is also FREE to download! I love free things!

...six more to go...

I have six more to sew then I have to assemble them together on the sticks I pinched off a dead tree in my backyard. Once it is up and hanging above the cot I will show you more pics...

Stay tuned for more.

New blog!

I've been a blog reader for many a year now and I figured, hey, I should write one up myself! How fun would that be? So here I am...

As maternity leave approaches ("YAY!") I am making a list of all the projects I have been wanting to do for ages but just have not had time for. So as I do them, I will share them for you to see. As well as sharing with you the little projects I am doing, I will share different ideas I see and random things that inspire me.

So I hope you enjoy the ride as much as me and we shall see where this all goes...