Monday, February 28, 2011


 A few months ago I decided to personalise some of the artwork in our house with silhouettes of Dr. Zap and I. Most of the artwork is either drawn, painted or cut out by me so they are already "personal", but I wanted something special of us. We don't really have many photos up of ourselves or our family so these act as photos in a way.

Here they are...

To make the silhouettes I took side-profile photos of myself then Dr. Zap on my iPhone. I made sure the photo was taken against a plain white background so the edges would be clearly visible. Then I uploaded the photos to my computer and printed them in black and white. I drew around the heads onto baking paper (el cheapo equivalent to tracing paper) then took the silhouette drawings to Officeworks to enlarge the images on the photocopier. I had premeasured the size of the silhouettes I had waited to fit inside the frame and made sure as I was enlarging the images, both our heads would be about the same size. Once I had the right sizes I took them home and cut out the heads. I traced around them onto the pink card and cut them out. I used card to make sure the heads would not curl at the edges or warp once framed.
The heads were then mounted onto the backing paper with raised foam dots to give them a little 3D effect... Hey PRESTO!
P.S. Sorry for the dodgy photography, the Hipstamatic just would not take the right angle.

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