Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Greenhouse by Joost

Yesterday The Design Files posted this most beautiful and inspiring video about Greenhouse by Joost in Sydney. I'm very jealous that I am not there to be able to visit the gorgeous place myself, so I soaked up all the gorgeousness in the video instead. Joost Bakker has a very strong belief that we can all do so much to be more sustainable in our living by really just doing so very little. The Greenhouse was designed to be 100% sustainable and without waste. All food was delivered in crates that are returned to the farm that delivered them, there are no nasty chemical glue thingys keeping the buidling together... it goes on and on... You must watch the video and hear Joost talk about it... Very inspiring!

Makes me think I should really do more that just put my empty glass jars in the recycling and get my veggie patch up and running... We should all be a little more environmentally responsible!

Go here to find out more.

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