Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nappy Bag Dilemma

Oh my goodness there are far too many nappy bags to choose from! From chic leather to funky functional, there are many gorgeous bags. Basically, I want a bag that will hold all my essentials, can be easily cleaned and looks fashionable too. I don't want a huge chunky thing that is awkward to lug around or anything too small that only holds enough for a walk around the park. I have done some reasearch and found several I like for different reasons. We are getting this pram, so it would be nice for the bag and pram to look good together too.

Here they are (in descending order according to price):
Storksak Kate Black Patent Nappy Bag $299.00

OiOi Pompeian Red Leather Pocketed Hobo Nappy Bag $280.00

Storksak Jess Red Shoulder Nappy Bag $219.00

Storksak Dori Black Leather Messenger Nappy Bag $199.00
Isoki Reversible Hobo Retro Paisley Nappy Bag $177.00
Skip Hop Duo Delux Pop Flower Nappy Bag $99.95
Skip Hop Dash Delux Red Nappy Bag $99.95

So what do you think?
I think the OiOi bag looks just like a handbag, a bit more chic than your average nappy bag. As is the Storksak Kate bag.
The Storksak Dori bag looks very versatile as a gorgeous and simple nappy bag for Mum that Dad could also wear without looking twee.
The Storksak Jess bag is a beauty of a casual bag, but may be hard to keep the canvas outer clean.
The two Skip Hop bags come with enviable price tags and look super functional and cute.
However I think my favourite is the Isoki Reversible Hobo. It comes with a removable insulated bag that can hold 4+ bottles and snack boxes of nibblies; a fully wipable change mat; and a removable storage bag to hold nappies, wipes, wraps, toys, etc. The storage bag can also be clicked into the large strap and function as a mini bag for those quick short trips. And of course being reversible, you can have two different looks in one!
Hmmm... much food for thought!

(All prices found on Tots N Tales.)

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