Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Artwork I Covet

Nguyen Ahn Ha - The Rear
Pretty much all the artwork in our house is done by me... this is all fine because it means I can proudly see my work shown off and can do something that suits the decor of the room without having to fork out big bucks. But there are quite a few artists that I adore and would love to have their artwork proudly displayed in my house too, I just can't fund it at the moment. Here are some paintings that I am really loving at the moment:

Eliza Piro - Banyan Birds
Todd Hunter - Locust

Meredith Gaston - Milly Masquerade

Sarah Hvass - Meeting
Nikki Perzuck - Fiesta at Sunset

Nellie Zimmerman - Underwater Jewels

Martine Emdur - Underwater 01
Miranda Skoczek

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