Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Glamorous Maternity Wear?

I have a wedding coming up that I need to look appropriately glam for, however I'll be 36 weeks pregnant by then and have no 'big lady' items that will do the job. Thanks to cankles, my gorgeous heels are a big no-no and my preggie dresses are all too casual. I have been hunting around all the maternity shops to no avail (unless I wanted to look like a gigantor tomato or black lacy blimp) and I have therefore ended up looking online for inspiration. Here's a few ideas I have so far:

Queen Bee - Cameron Angel Nursing Dress

Kate Spade - Hula Too Sandal

Kate Spade - Shimmer Triple Chain Necklace

Kate Spade - Single Ball Earrings

Bloom - Millie
Queen Bee - Yvette Pleated Nursing Dress
Kate Spade - Vonya Hot Pink Sandal

Kate Spade - Tutti Frutti Collar Chain

Kate Spade - Dot to Dot Studs

Bloom - Ginger
 So, what do you think? I think the first combo is probably more evening wear than the second, but I like the colour and fun in the second outfit. It's pretty easy to tell I'm a huge fan of Kate Spade! All her dresses, shoes and jewellery are just dreamy!

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