Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day Dinner

Last Monday it was Valentine's day and I was working in the morning. One of the girls at work got one dozen red roses from her sweetheart delivered to her at work... so sweet. I called Dr Zap on my way home to ask him what he wanted me to cook for dinner. He said, "Don't worry honey, I've booked somewhere for dinner." Ah how lovely... no cooking. So I got home and started to get dressed for dinner. I thought I looked nice, but Dr Zap said, "Can you put on something a little dressier?" I thought, "Oh lordy! Where are we going?" He would not let on where our dinner destination was going to be, so I put on my only maternity dress I have, a pair of silver sandals with a bit of bling on the toe, flamingo pink nail polish and pretty jewellery. I was thinking we might be going to Collins Kitchen for dinner. It is one of our favourite 'fancy dinner' restaurants and it had been a while since we've been. However, we parked the car in the city and began walking past the front of a VERY FANCY restaurant and Dr Zap steared me inside, "We're going in here tonight." Ohmigawsh! We were here:
The Press Club on Flinders Street in Melbourne = AMAZING!

It was absolutely beautiful! They had a special pre-set menu for the evening that they tweeked to our individual dietary requirements, e.g. Dr Zap had oysters for the first course and I had a preggers-safe, no-raw-fish meal of red pepper, cucumber & kalamata olive delight. WOW! I think all Dr Zap and I could do all night was drool and drool! Every bite of our meal was to float to another level higher into heaven!

We ate five delicious courses each perfectly paired with a different glass of wine. Every mouthful was savoured as if we would never taste food again. The dessert was definately our favourite. The 'Aphrodite' dish... I have no words... yep, no words.

Everything about the evening was perfect! Dr Zap definately scored himself big brownie points that night! I can't believe I'm so lucky!
If ever you get the chance, you must go to The Press Club! It is worth all the hype!

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