Friday, February 11, 2011

Little wooden village

My Mum found a few pieces of timber a few months ago with the idea of cutting them down and making them into little houses for her Kinder kids to play with. Dad cut them to size and then it was over to me to make them to look like houses and buildings. After sanding and priming them, I painted all the sides different bright colours with windows and doors. I prettied them up a bit by adding flowers in window boxes, names to shops, ivy leaves creaping up the sides of buildings and brick details. After several layers of acrylic paint and even more layers of varnish to seal them, the village is finally complete and open for business!

Each of the buidlings have a different colour and style on each side. The church building has two different stained glass designs and two gold bells, the town clock has four different clock styles and there are several shops and businesses hidden on the sides: florist, hospital, jewellery shop, shoe shop, bank, grocer...

I hope the kiddies like them!

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